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Life Coach Anjali Tiwari is a certified NLP Coach and Psychological Counselor with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling. Her passion lies in coaching individuals on the path of Self-Love & Self-Care, empowering them to prioritize themselves without guilt. Let me provide you with a brief introduction. Anjali serves as a Self-Awareness Coach, NLP Coach, Psychological Counselor, Mindfulness Trainer & Healer. As a certified NLP coach and counseling expert, her mission is to guide you towards self-love, self-care, and mental well-being, unlocking your inner potential and helping you discover your life's purpose. Believing that self-awareness is the foundation for personal and professional success, Life Coach Anjali is a dedicated and compassionate coach committed to helping individuals like you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, values, and goals. Her holistic approach to self-awareness coaching acknowledges that true transformation encompasses all aspects of your life. Through powerful coaching techniques, introspective exercises, and mindfulness practices, Anjali will help you gain clarity, discover passions, and make conscious choices aligning with your authentic self. With personalized coaching sessions, group workshops, and thought-provoking exercises, Anjali guides you on a transformative journey of self-discovery.



In 2005, at the age of 25, my life took an unexpected turn when I was diagnosed with a NeuroEndocrine Tumor in my Pancreas, leading to a challenging journey of pancreatomy and splenectomy. Within just 10 days of my marriage, I underwent a major surgery, marking the beginning of a series of medical interventions. Over the last 17 years, I've faced seven more surgeries. Living without a pancreas and spleen has been an arduous experience, marked by hormonal imbalances, recurring infections, and the presence of prolactinoma—a non-cancerous hormone-producing tumor in the pituitary gland, bringing about both physical and mental struggles. In 2022, I was confronted with a second genetic disease, Ankylosing Spondyloarthritis, an exceptionally rare case as per Modern Medical Science standards. Typically, one human body does not harbor two genetic diseases, making this occurrence a one in a billion anomaly. Despite the ongoing health challenges, including the recent diagnosis, my journey has been akin to walking on thin ice. Nevertheless, it hasn't deterred me from embracing life to the fullest.



Initially, I attribute my well-being to the divine blessings that have granted me a role in a genuine medical marvel—despite grappling with hormonal imbalances and various health challenges, I have managed to evade diabetes. Subsequently, at the age of 38, I experienced a miraculous joy with the arrival of a baby boy; this profound event reshaped the trajectory of my life. Embracing motherhood to such an extraordinary child instilled in me a fresh perspective on life. Fueled by a singular objective and unwavering enthusiasm, I immersed myself in a diverse array of practices, including Psychology, Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR), Law of Attraction (LOA), Meta Science, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Inner Child Healing (ICH), Hypnosis, Yoga, and Meditation. This transformative journey has illuminated a fundamental truth—that life is a voyage, yet it arrives without a predefined map. Discovering our own paths to reach our destinations becomes a personal quest. I firmly believe that this exploration commences with an inward journey. Living life to its fullest, in my view, hinges on two essential elements—understanding one's purpose and discerning the path to achieve it.

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